Surf for life


I have come to the conclusion that unless I spend at least one summer of my life surfing, my life will be wasted.
I am not joking. For those of you who think that this is shallow and childish I suggest you go now and come back tomorrow when I am back in some usual “deep” s***.  Kisses and see you tomorrow.
For the rest... you are my new best friend and you can come and live with me in Hawaii, or whatever surfing paradise I manage to reach. And yeah, you guessed it right, I have watched Blue Crush yesterday but I have reliable witnesses who can testify this has been my dream since high school.
I do realize that for a lot of people this is not a big stretch, but for me... It could so easily slip away and never happy, staying in it’s perpetual second place. There are always bigger and more important dreams slash projects am working on at any particular moment.
 If I don’t do it next year I will probably do it as a therapy after my first divorce. And oh my, what an image that will be (I won’t be no 19 year old Kate Bosworth I can tell you that).
Anywho, this is on my bucket list and it is so getting crossed off. I hope.