Easy on the eyes

So here is the thing... I think am becoming "four eyed"... My eyes hurt.
I mean, I know it's no big deal, and that glasses are a great accessory and bla bla, but I really hoped to avoid that little annoyance.
Yesterday I actually avoided blog work so I could rest my eyes. But it turns out if am not gonna watch something or read a book, there is nothing much I know to do to relax (at home off course, not in general).
Well at least I have done some drawing as this doesn't seem to bother my eyes as much. Watching little letters on a screen, however, does. You should just see me. I ctrl + every single page... it looks like my granny was on the computer. Damn, am cool!
Anyways I think am gonna go for a check up after the holidays, and see how bad is it.
Maybe am gonna pull it off as gorgeous as the girl above (what, maybe the glasses come with a asymmetric cut dress and a gallery opening invitation? It's possible!).