Oh, you joker you...

You know what I love? I love a women with a sense of humour. Someone who doesn't take herself too seriously. In both life and dressing. Humorous personality spills into fashion in attitude, to both choice of clothes and how one wears it. I've noticed that when you see a woman who really has style (as opposite to someone who just has access to a stylist), she will always have a certain looseness in dressing that indicates she doesn't take herself or fashion too seriously.
Also, I feel it shows a certain lack of (or at least less) vanity which I always greatly appreciate as it seems vanity is a worryingly growing trend. And a person who has sense of humour will rarely be overly dramatic or turn to self pity in harder times. Sure am aware it (humour) can be used as a defense technique (cough, cough, often used it myself) but then again everyone uses something.
So in the praise of the funny girl, I give you this babe today. She is absolutely lovely!