The gift of yoga keeps on giving

As you'll probably guess, today's illustration is a bit off topic. I prepared it last night for a completely different topic, but have just came back from the best yoga class ever and just have no patience to write about anything "smart" or "thought provoking". Am floating on a cloud of cheerfulness. I tell you there is nothing like a good yoga class... or am guessing whichever exercises form you are into. I got sweaty, I got relaxed. Such well structured sequence and the class was working in such perfect unison I was proud of us. Really. You should just see the grin on my face now.
Well anyways, just to let you know am actually getting into the Christmas's spirit and am really looking forward to spending some special time with my family. They tend to be kinda hippie-ish about it, just letting us do what we want, but am thinking this year am just gonna take initiative and organize everything by myself (specially as my parents had a bad year business and financially wise so a bit of holiday cheer will be great). This probably means that, yes, you can expect Christmas themed drawings....