If I am out of my mind it's alright with me

There is a possibility am in a winter fantasy land. I don't know. I haven't left the apartment in two days.Yesterday I was working 9-19 straight without leaving my computer, and today it's raining and snowing all day. Am thinking of going out now but I live on a very steep hill, it's dark already and this seams like a tricky feat. On the other hand I might lose my mind staying in.
I have to tell you am feeling a bit uninspired last few days. When I draw am mostly working on my technique, and you don't want to see this. Its just rows and rows of eyes and eyebrows in different positions (though this is better than eggs I did 2 weeks ago, which I have to say were an excellent exercise). On the other hand am sure you'll agree am definitely becoming better with my eyes.
P.S. Title is the first line from one of my favourite novels, Herzog by Saul Below, so no need to worry (i think so...).