Ghost of Christmas past

So it came and went. Christmas that is. 
Seen some family. Stuffed myself with some food (and more). Gave some present then got some. Drank some vodka blueberries.  Got some headache.
More or less your average Christmas holidays. Nothing to write on your blog about.
And then again that is the best part: even though I got totally into it I managed to avoid buying into the whole commercial shiny picture of Christmas when no dinner is as big, when no family is as happ , no gift is as much as the picture all the ads before Christmas try to present, making you believe that here is a chance for you to be as happy as these people in our catalogue, if only you were smart enough and buy this ................ (insert product) we are selling. If you have a crappy Christmas in which you are still painfully aware of the mediocrity of your life, don't come crying to us. We gave you a chance!
Well, as I said this year I men aged to avoid this and had a great time. Now keep your fingers crossed that I don't hit the great depression iceberg that a failed New Year's eve party can be!