Rolling in the deep

I would just like to state for the record that I am not a huge Adele fan. Women has great talent and wonderful potential, but not a huge fan. At least not until now. Her new album is coming out and they keep playing this song on NME radio (remind me to tell you the story of NME radio one time: there will be sex in it wink wink) and am loving it. She seems to be more mature in her writing and I like the energy of this song (although this is strange as she wrote it when she was furious of someone, so... yeah, whatever). When I finally found it online, there is this very cool video for it: its not really a video, more like a footage of her recording, but its great.

Anyways, I took a couple of stills from it and made a couple of quick sketches. The one you are seeing is the only one that actually kinda looks like her... a little, right?
Also I have to tell you this reminded me how much I would love to do video and animations. I love that stuff, just never have time to get on it. I swear as soon as I win that ham contest, am quitting my job and doing video.