Youth in revolt

First of all, whenever you feel there is a need for an intervention about my love for fifties looks, feel free... I know I might be overdoing it a bit but it gives me such a warm feeling inside. Maybe am just having Mad Man withdrawal symptoms, who knows.
But today was a very interesting day: am trying on a new life perspective. It is about how all life experiences are equally important, hard ones and pleasant ones, and how you can't discriminate against the hard ones because they are also a part of you and what makes you... well you.
So when I was faced with a situation today that usually sends me spiraling into anxiety (my disorder of choice) I just taught " No this is great, I love all of this" and just skipped the part when I fall into that anxiety hole and simply went on as before. I know it sounds strange but, there is some strange thrill in enjoying it, like a rebellion or something.
Anyway that was today. How was your day/night/week?