Draw me overwhelmed

Today I felt overwhelmed.
Not in a bad way... It's just that I feel that there is so much I need to do, have to do and, most of all, want to do.
I have been working all day, first my work than blog work than drawing. But all I want to do is draw.
The more I draw, more I want to draw. I feel a constant need, almost greed, to be better and better at drawing and I feel there is no time for everything. Whatever I do, I feel it is just the bare minimum.
I mean, I know this is all crap, and bla bla, and don't even mention being in the moment (I know Way of zen by heart).
It is just that this wanting overwhelms me, makes me anxious and I don't like it. I know from before that when I become like this I burn out very soon. Most of all I know my needs at the moment are very escapist and just repeating karma, which is always redundant.
Well, let's see what tomorrow brings.