Tonight am not gonna try to be better

Today I just wanted to do whatever. And do it just because!
I had a post or two planned, drawings done and all, but... I realise I constantly do things I think am suppose to do or trying to be something I think would be "smart" to be. So today's drawing has no point no message no nothing... I did it just because.
This is in no way a new occurrence. I have been going through the phases of this since I can remember. There was always a better version I was aiming for, making the actual one just not good enough. And even though I would like to say no more, I know this is probably not an option. Enlightenment has eluded me in this area. This is just a bit of rebellion against the constraints I have set for myself.
But no really, will I ever learn? How long is this gonna go for? Does anyone else struggle with this? Or better yet does Tom Ford struggles with this? Is there anyone ( not counting you Dalai Lama) who is just themselves and content with it? Not resigned on improving him/ herself or life in general, but just not trying to be someone else?
I think this is why I love people who seem to be unapologetically themselves, weather it's well accepted or not, or weather it is considered excellent or not.