What a day

Just to let you know right a way, today the drawing has nothing to do with the post. This is just something I did and I kinda like it... It has potential.
But oh my, what a day I had. Last night I had a fight with a friend about the stupidest thing (Try to remember the fights you had when you were 10 or 11. That stupid!), I barely managed to wake up in the morning and than had a really bad day at work (and probably will have tomorrow as well). All this triggered an anxiety attack and now am sitting here with a new pair of shoes and stuffing my face with satsumas... Bit funny, isn't it? On the other hand shoes were half off and they have a heel. Am proud of myself, specially cause they had great Nike Dunk's for small money and they are my special weakness.
Am gonna make an illustration with my new shoes one of these days, but now I am off to do some drawing.