I have been mistaken

Am obsessed with mistakes. Not just in drawing but in life as well. Guilt is my hobby. Self deprecation about lines that go wrong is my go to feeling. Oh, not to even mention the low self esteem I get from not being able to draw a portrait without putting it on paper in pen first ( oh, for the day I'll be able to just take a brush and draw straight to paper without taking a wrong turn!).
Avoiding mistakes is my number one excuse for not being... whatever being is.
The thing is, it's not like I believe only in completely realistic art (actually hiperrealisam and directions like this are rarely very good art... mostly just interesting) so this is not a reason I have trouble tolerating mistakes in art. In life I find that people who do everything by the book are possibly the most boring individuals you could encounter.
But as am moving along my timeline, am starting to think that mistakes don't exist. I realize that this a strange concept, but really, this is the conclusion I am coming too. So many times I have seen my drawings, which were branded as mistakesat the time of making and survived purely by accident or the mercy of my mother (she is the Schindler of art to my Nazi self) after a while, and realized they are good.
And in life mistakes turn out to be pretty relative term: it is always a point of view that brands something as a mistake.
So in the celebration of wonderful "mistakes" I give you three of mine from today.