How you doin?

As you might or might not know, am single... and have been for a while. Sure there is the occasional boy, but no love in the air.
Now am not the kinda person who is gonna invest in this area of her life. For one, it can be counterproductive, and number two, I always believed that this is something that takes care of itself. So far so good, right?
But it seems no... or maybe yes, but not in a time frame I am comfortable with.
So this morning my friend calls me and says:
- What are you doing Thursday evening?
- Probably working, why?
- Do you wanna go to a speed date event?
- You bet ya!
Hence the cheeky grin in the illustration. I have never been to one of these, but I am quite good with first impressions. Am all chatty, humorous, flirting cutie *. It's later, when feelings develop, that I start... how shall i put it...messing up.
So this Friday, stand by for a cute lil post on how my first speed dating event went.

* this is off course all in the case I do not fancy someone. If I do opposite ensues: am all trying too hard to be funny, over giggling mess.