I love fall when its gold...

Did you already buy this years coat?
I've been mostly fantasy shopping: this time not for the lack of money but for the lack of choice.
Here, at the end of the world (as one might assume), there is no decent shops.
There is a shop... not my cup of tea. I would rather stay home all winter than buy something there (oh, listen to the elitist me!)
The problem this year is that I don't have any idea what would I like. There is no distinct style am into. Usually am all: " Oh, I GOTTA have a red coat bla bla..." or " Am totally into military!"... But this year, nada. Am aware there are certain style directions out there, but no preference yet.
I drew this girl and I liked it just cause she looks so cosy and chic at the same time. I suppose this is what I want from a coat... or most people for that matter.