Coffee culture(d)

As you might know, I live in a country that has a strong coffee culture. This means people like to sit and have coffee with their friends, if possible during working hours. If the sun is out, never mind if its Wednesday morning, every coffee place in every urban settlement will be full. This is the rule!
But, as much as I would like to deny it, I am a product of my surroundings, and I do like me some coffee lounging in the sun. But I like it best when I don't have time to do it and then come Saturday morning, am all excited and cant wait. Get the papers, buy a bagel and sit somewhere on a terrace.
I am not sure why but this is much better than if it was Tuesday or Wednesday... Even if you don't have  to go to work afterwards. There is something to Saturday morning coffee... though I was always partial to rituals, but about this on another occasion.
And oh yeah, am writing this cause I didn't get to have mine yesterday due to some unforeseen circumstances and now basically have to wait for another week. But am thinking this is gonna make it more fun!!!
P.S. Also a big Like for my sister for posing for me for this drawing.