Artist's way

As I mentioned yesterday, I did some sketches last night. They are far from perfect, but they felt very liberating.
The other day in comments, Siubhan mentioned that a drawing was not my usual style and this kind of got me thinking.Here is the thing....
Never in my life have I drawn this much (except while I was living in London, and that was another kind of drawing).
As most people, I always thought that it was smart to be practical so I decided to study graphic design thinking I can switch later to illustration. From time to time I had periods when I would do some drawing, but this was once or twice a year for a week or two. Off course in uni I started working and it was always easy to get a job as a graphic designer. And life kinda rolled on. I would return to drawing every once in a while, like to an old lover... Only when I moved to London did I realize I don't want to waste anymore time and that fashion illustration is all I wanna do (and all I ever wanted to do!). So I drew and I drew... but pesky little thing called life kept interfering. Except for the few jobs and some gallery sales I couldn't really make a living out of it and do it full time. So once again I wasn't drawing. But this time I knew what I wanted and no such thing as recession was gonna keep me down.
So now I still work as a graphic designer but have this blog to draw and be my school and a place where I get to express all those images that go through my head every day.
But all this has resulted in me not having a definite style of my own. Sure there are some indications, but am still far from it and I find this so exciting.
You are basically watching an artist in the making! Am guessing you are going to see a lot of "WTF"s and some "cool"s and "oh so pretty"s but I can promise you fun and a lot of pink and shoes!
P.S. Sorry for a bad quality: am in the process of getting a scanner and I gave my camera to dad as he is in into it now. Am doing all this with my faithfull I phone!