I love how a drink with the girls cures everything.

Yesterday I finished work at 6 o' clock (that's 8-6 if you wonder). Almost got run over by a car on the way home for the lack of street lights (faithful I phone saved me). Home pure drama and depression... atmosphere was like in a  Bergman film. Was not in the mood!
I called a friend, she called her friend and three of us went for drinks. Aaaaaah... that's better!
Few vodka blueberries later and "No, did she really do that!!!!" and " He is cute as a button" and all was forgotten...
I tell you this is the best cure ever... it's there somewhere with a movie night and cuddling, morning sex, new hair and new shoes (these last two not together: It is only in rare and troublesome times that you use this in conjunction. It's like a double dose of antibiotics!!!!)

Anyways today am happy and so cool.