Every day is the best day of your life!

Am not trying to be ironic or self help affirmative. This is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Now, I am actually bringing it up as I started to think it is an interesting concept. There is a similar idea in zen so I have ran into this before, but have quickly discarded it as " Yeah, yeah, sure it is... All days except some"...
But when I read it the other day it kinda made me think. First thing everyone is gonna say is what about people caught in a tsunami, or people living in war conditions or in Haiti. I can't (and won't) convince anyone of this as I feel it is one of those things you can't explain, especially as I am still struggling with it, but I do feel there is an actual truth to it. I don't know why this rings true all of a sudden, as I myself have a dozens of examples of days that can't be considered the best... Maybe it is because of the time thing: as there is only present, there is no past and future to compare the day with (both past and future exist only as ideas)... I could go on like this but I don't wanna ruin the best day of your life!
Anyway here is something to ponder on, and a pretty picture to look at while you are doing so!