Weekend sketches or I don't have a life... AGAIN

So... it turns out if you run away to the edge of the world and just work and draw, you get to not having life. Well this mission has been successfully accomplished! Ka ching!!!!
Nothing to do with the drawings, this is just some of the things I made this weekend. Don't you just love Dolce&Gabanna girls in leopard print and polka dots!
Anyways... Back to me not having a life. This seems to be a reoccurring theme. Problem is I can't seem to focus on something AND have a lovely (social) life. It's always one or the other with me. I just become blind to everything else. This happens when am in a relationship too (guy usually thinks it's him, but it's not. It's just me being retarded). And it's fucked up if you ask me.
Does it always have to be either/ or... could I please have both?