A proper daredevil

First of all let me just tell you I am so glad about yesterday's post response. I love that it got us thinking just a little.
Today's post is, in a way, a second part of it. As I started to think about what does confidence means to me I remembered the red lipstick subject.
You see, I haven't worn red lipstick in years. Biggest reason is my lips as they are quite small. In my mind red lipstick was for people with perfect skin and lips, or those girls, who dress extremely quirky and you basically don't expect it to look good on them. It's just a color statement for them.
Well, when I was in London last September I bought myself a very cool shade of red in Top Shop: Daredevil. And started wearing it right away (though that just might have been influence London has on me). And all of a sudden it was OK... I loved it.
My point you might ask? Well I feel there are things for each of us we keep putting of until we are "better", or have even completely given up on, and all due to the lack of confidence. Yes my lips are still small, and I still have imperfect teeth but I wear red lipstick and nothing happened. Whatever I imagined might happen that made me give up on this, might I say, wonderfully feminine pleasure, didn't happen.
Who know how many other "red lipsticks" are there, ha?