Black swan

Anyways, have you seen it? I've seen it last weekend and I have to tell you... pretty great.
But what is perfect is Natalie Portman. I swear if she doesn't make another film ever she has accomplished more than a lot of older (and good) actresses around.
The entire film exist just to be a platform for her performance.
But what got to me, and I think anyone who does any kind of "art" is that obsessiveness and existing only through performing (be it dance or painting).
The drawing above is my favourite scene where she is accepting her transformation and she "becomes" Black swan... I found it excellently acted, choreographed and shot and very true to life (even though it is surreal). It is an incredibly hard job to show such a state while the camera is focused on her face through the entire process. 
AND, not to go all feminist on you, but there is not a lot of female characters of such depth in art in general so this is great from this side as well. I would go that far to claim that I don't think a man could have done this... as it seems to require inordinate amount of vulnerability and sensitivity, something a man would rationalize early on (although they would probably not be as repressed, so this is up for debate).
Please let me know what you think of the film if you have seen it, I am curious how other people see it.