Taking the recycling out

 All day long I was working (and it is illustration actually, so woo hoo!!!) but now I have no energy to do anything for the blog.
So here I  am recycling.
This is two illustrations I did some time ago. One is from that great Lanvin collection where everything was red and looked like couture. The other is Balenciaga from about 2 or 3 years ago. I loved that collection. It was the last in the row of hits for them. Last year and this year I wasn't that delighted by their stuff.
Also on a similar note... I went out Friday and all Saturday long suffered a such a badass hangover. It was brutal (Probably cause all day Thursday I had the stomach flu and couldn't eat a thing. I was scared to eat Friday as well... empty stomach and alcohol don't mix I guess...). But, what I love is that I had the "good hangover look". You know the one: you have the right amount of bed head, your mascara is smudged, but just enough, your skin actually looks good for once.... It is one in a hundred, and I loved it. If I had the energy I would draw it.
Another time I promise.