Illustrators drawing illustrators

I have been working on a sexy subject of frozen fish all day long, that's why am just posting this. My apologies.

Well, this is the lovely Katie Walters, fellow illustrator and I had the luck of getting her in Meagan Morrison's Illustrators Drawing Illustrators blog crawl. She sent me some pics of her, and I got the feeling she liked her nights out (don't we all). There are no shoes in the pics, but I got the feeling from her illustrations that she likes turquoise, so turquoise shoes it was. And it was just a lucky coincidence I like blue shoes. I mean, whatever...
Well, I do hope she is gonna like it. I just wanted to make it fun and pretty, like she is.
You can visit her blog here  and check out what she's done for hers. My illustration is by Mara Louise Cespon and I have to say I love anyone who uses David Downton and me in the same sentence. Drawing is super cute, and I actually do look like that (at least on my good days).

Back to frozen fish.