Full steam ahead?

So how was everything for you? Happier? Fatter? I personally tried to substitute the lack of excitement with Milka Jaffa cakes. I did not succeed. Still worth the try...
But funny thing this year. Even though officially a new year began I don't have this feeling about me and what I do. I didn't even have the need to celebrate it or make resolutions or think about what have I done and what have I screwed up (even though I have to remind you , I am very prone to doing this quite often. Just for the record.)
But I definitely am into continuing what I have been doing. And adding to that. So in the great tradition of New Year resolution I would like to make two public promises.
I promise that by the end of January I will 
1. Make at least one animation and
2. Open my Etsy store.
I know this doesn't sound like much but there are some things that are not quite as public as this, plus everything I had on my plate before this snow storm of holidays.
Animations take a lot of time, but this is an area I want to do much more of and am very much into. Also I think this will open a whole new area of creativity for me.
Etsy store is something that was suppose to happen months ago, but it takes a bit of time to put everything together so... January will be its month.
So much for today, I have a huge backlog of blog reading due to being at the end of the world.
P.S. And yes I do imagine to be going ahead in Erdem. One day though...