Fur for tought

I saw a lady in fur today and it reminded me of something I wanted to bring up already.
When I was little my mother had a fur coat and that fox thing (which I was afraid of) as most women did . Were I am from is basically Mediterranean climate, so cold was not the reason. It was simply fashion and it wasn't as expensive as today (and people had different shopping habits; you would buy things to last). Anyway at the time it was normal, but now... it just seems such an archaic piece of clothing, like corsets or hats in church. This woman was young, had a child and obviously had money, but somehow that coat made her look like that money is the central point of her life. I mean even if we put aside many animals killed to make that coat (which we really can't) and that it is winter and fur is warm... It just makes her look like someone who needs an outlet for spendinga lot of money.
But then on the other hand, if I see fur details, like scarfs or on jackets, I kinda like it. Specially this season everything is full of fur details and not once have I tought of the poor animals or out-dated ideas behind those pieces. I didn't even think about the fact that it is a dead animal around someones neck! Like the fact that it's smaller justifies it more. Silly I know, but still true... can't even be properly judgemental about it as one could bring up eating animals (which I do, even though I could get all my energy without it. I do it cause I like it) or the fact that there are much bigger issues to worry about than animal rights. My head hurts of all the pros and cons... Now I know why I never took the time to properly think about it.

UPDATE: My friend Nina left me this link in response to this subject. It is VERY GRAPHIC and it made me sick, but this is the harsh truth on how fur is manufactured today. I don't think anyone can be undecided after this! You can watch it here.