The magic of letting go

Do you think wine can cure a sore throat? Well in each case a night of fine dining, laughter and wine the other night cured mine. I swear.
Entire last week I've been between sick and ok... not too bad, but definitely not good. Well Friday I've finally went to see a friend's apartment (she and boyfriend bought it like two years ago) and had one of those nights when everything just sits right, There was no pressure of expecting too much, neither of us was trying too hard (around food or entertainment, as it knows to happen), food was great, wine was good (our logic of buying wine based on how well designed the label is has proved to be right), movie was great, then there were some extra fun things that resulted in a bunch of mini chocs being eaten. Everything was just flowing.... This is not the first time I was going with the flow, but every single time i realize again how this is the only way to do things. Trying hard to make something the way I imagined it has never ever turned good!
So am making this post my official "Go with the flow" reminder!