A lot of beautiful people wearing a lot of beautiful clothes

Let me tell you how one of my ideal Saturday scenarios look like:
I wake up round 8:30/9:00 in the morning. It is sunny outside (this is important cause 1.Am going out later on and 2. I have a wall of windows). I get up, make coffee and take two fresh doughnuts (it is important they are fresh, although I obviously didn't have to go out to get them so how they got there is one of those holes in the script). Then I turn my computer on and look at pictures from the awards. But big ones like, Golden Globes or Oscars. And specially, oh I love this, from the after parties! These are specially fun, to see who is talking to who, who got drunk, who actually eats, who is a party pooper
Think what you want about it, but this is one of my top ten Saturdays. There is nothing worse but the curse of working day awards. I mean this is call in sick material!
So golden globes were on Sunday which meant I saw them at work, which is not cool OK, but also not as fun, no....
I wasn't too impressed with any one's fashion choice but this is less important... What is, is a lot of beautiful people wearing a lot of beautiful clothes. Heaven I tell you. Pass me that doughnut.