Pay it forward

Lovely Johanna Urban tagged me in pay it forward, so I have a post today even if I don't feel too good.
7 things you may not know about me... oh gee, where do I start;

   1. My favourite book when I was little was Heidi. I was never too much into princesses, independent modern girl was my thing. When I was 9 I used to draw a "Cosmo" girl life; how she gets up in her lovely apartment, goes to work, has fun with her friends, buys clothes. Thanks to my mother I have proof of this and will definitely show you one day.
    2. About that: I actually am drawing since I can remember and even though my childhood mission was to be a good girl and not bother anyone, I pestered my father to enroll me in an art school 400 km away. This should have taught me about the positives of being persistent, but somehow didn't.
    3. Even though I am super girly, as you have probably noticed, three of my top 5 favourite films are Tropic Thunder, Zombieland and the Other guys. Please don't judge me.
    4. I played field hockey all through my high school. I was even in Croatian national team for a championship. As a back up goalie. And they say am not sporty!
    5.Only two famous people I met while living in London (by met I mean seen) are Erin O'Connor and Keira Kneightly. Both absolutely stunning with airbrushed skin. Seriously, they know something we don't.
    6. After high school I spent 3 months in Queensland, Australia and absolutely loved it. I am so sorry to hear about the floods and I do hope not too much damage will be done.
    7. And one kinky one: I was a model you know. Once a guy who runs a foot fetish website asked me to take pictures of my feet and I've let him. I did think about the fact that it's like showing him my boobs, but as I had no feelings about it, figured it would be false moral to pretend to be prude. Who knows maybe I was Sexy feet of the month!

This was fun.

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